‘Thinking Through Change’ Program



Sometimes it seems our organizations are dominated by the need to find a solution to every problem – and fast. As the pace of change in the market environment, technology, and the economy continues to increase, organizational leaders are being called on to dramatically increase their ability to deal with complexity and are under pressure to ‘think at a different level’ to generate innovative solutions. Rather than simply learning new skills, they need to begin to think in fundamentally different ways.

Unlike conventional developmental initiatives, our ‘Thinking Through Change’ Program will expand how you think, not teach you what you should think. We support senior executives in making the transition to strategic-level positions by enabling them to expand their thinking capacity.







Past participants in our ‘Thinking Through Change’ Program  have reported profound shifts in the depth of their understanding of their environment and their role in it, and how this has improved their decision-making and relationships. Here is just one example of what recent participants have said:

“I consider our coaching sessions extremely valuable. As we often talk about, transformational change is like a bottomless ocean…there are no guide-rails, no blueprint in how to execute. I find our sessions are moments in time that allow me to pause and think deeply about professional and personal matters. In times of uncertainty and systemic change an individual needs these check-points. I often think about it like being on a journey through a jungle or desert, where you need to pull out your compass periodically to ensure you are headed in the right direction. Our time together has been instrumental in my transformational journey at my organization as well as personally.”

“My ability to convey what I have considered and connected has improved due to an enhanced ability to recognize the thinking patterns that peers have and have not used. With more nuanced thinking, I now communicate more clearly on more levels and with more depth.  Until we began to work together, I had been stuck on wanting to be a better communicator, but I had not grasped what I needed to do in order to influence people that do not use the thinking patterns that I do.” 


If you want your organizational leaders to:

  • be better equipped for leading large-scale change
  • experience a dramatic upward shift in the quality of their thinking
  • create truly innovative solutions to seemingly-intractable challenges
  • improve their communication skills and relationships

then please download our ‘Thinking Through Change’ Program Brochure for more details and contact us for a free Discovery Session to experience the value this program could bring to your organization.